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Bill Filed by Rep. Marvin Pendarvis Would Help Improve SC Transportation Needs

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Representative Marvin Pendarvis (D-CHS) introduced legislation that could help in advancing the state’s efforts in developing transit-oriented projects.

Pendarvis filed a bill Thursday that would allow counties or municipalities to construct or redevelop neighborhoods, commercial properties, and facilities in existing or planned transportation facilities.

The state’s first planned rapid transit system, the Lowcountry Rapid Transit System (LCRT), is mostly contained within the district Pendarvis represents.

LCRT is a system planned between the Ladson Fairgrounds and the Medical University of South Carolina. The system utilizes articulated electric buses, bus-only lanes, accelerated boarding, advanced wayfinding, and fare payment.

LCRT operations are expected to begin in 2028.

The bill highlights that transit systems serve as a benefit to many groups including the disabled and other unconsidered communities in transportation planning.

“This bill was drafted by Representative Pendarvis with the assistance of Lowcountry Transit riders, people who actually ride transit on a daily basis in his district,” according to a release.

Institutions including the Berkeley Charleston Dorchester Council of Governments, the City of North Charleston, the City of Charleston, and the Town of Lincolnville are in the process of planning improvement to regions adjoining the LCRT.

“While this type of development can’t be constructed everywhere and may not be desired in other areas, it’s critical to the elderly, disabled, workers in Charleston’s critical hospitality industry, students, and those otherwise unable or unwilling,” the release read.

Next, Pendarvis will collaborate with transit supporters, groups prompting the construction of affordable housing, and local governments to assist in advancing the bill.

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