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‘It Could Be Devastating’ : Kern County Truckers React to CA Diesel Truck Phase Out

Officials say this decision, will help fight pollution and improve California’s air quality. They say the disagree with the ruling and the new standard it brings long with it.

Admissions Representative with Western Trucking School in Bakersfield, Rannie Vincent, says she has several concerns about this decision.

I think there are a lot of things officials haven’t thought through on it,” said Vincent. “It’s something that looks good in theory but the logistics are not there.”

New standards will apply to truck manufacturers or those that own 50 or more trucks. It will also include several models, such as semi trailers, box trucks, and large passenger picks-ups.

Truck manufacturers will be required to sell more zero-emission vehicles starting in 2024.

Vincent says this change is not a good thing to happen at this moment in time.

She believes it will cause further strain to an industry that is already facing massive worker shortages. It will also impact trucking schools, it could require them to buy all new equipment on short notice.

“There is an 85,000 trucker shortage and I think it could be devastating to the industry,” said Vincent. “A lot of different laws and regulations with equipment have taken place in the past two years.”

California currently ranks number one for worst air, with Bakersfield placing top 3 cities in the country for worst air quality on the American Lung Association’s 2022 State of Air Report.

Vincent said she just wishes officials would have put more thought into it.

Source: Bakers Field Now