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Rollover crash during police chase kills one, ejects three

Rollover crash during police chase kills one, ejects three

One person is dead Wednesday afternoon after a rollover crash during a police chase with the driver of a stolen pickup truck.

Fort Worth Police said a Flock camera got a hit on a stolen vehicle and an officer began pursuing the driver. Sgt Jason Spencer with the Fort Worth Police Department said the incident occurred just after 1 p.m.

During the chase, police said the driver lost control at the intersection of East Altamesa Boulevard and Will Rogers Boulevard and hit a pole, causing the vehicle to roll over. As the vehicle rolled over, it struck a car.

Police said three people were ejected from the stolen vehicle during the crash. One of the three ejected was confirmed dead at the scene. According to Spencer, the other two were hospitalized with serious injuries.

“As you may realize, pursuits are one of the more dangerous things we do. So, we have very specific policies on what circumstances we can pursue a vehicle; how that should be done,” Spencer said. “There’s a constant balancing act, a judgment call that has to be made on a risk of the pursuit versus the necessity to pursue and apprehend offenders, which is what our community expects us to do.”

Spencer added, the person who was in the car that was hit by the truck is expected to be OK.

The incident happened near several industrial businesses. One witness works for Core-Mark International, a distribution center along Will Rogers Boulevard.

“Just heard some sirens. Guy ran a corner. You see a black truck hit the road and across the grass. I guess it caught that car at the red light. It got to flipping, and then all of a sudden you see a body out of the car,” he said. “I work outside, so I walk around the corner. All you see is debris everywhere.”

The identity of the person killed will be released by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office once the family has been notified.

The investigation into the theft and chase is ongoing.

Source: NBCDFW