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Final Famine Reviews: Legit At-Home Food Shortage Survival Book to Fight Back Against Empty Store Shelves!

Final Famine: How To Keep Your Family Fat and Happy While The World Starves is a step-by-step book designed to help you survive and protect your family during the next big famine.

Available exclusively online through EmptySupermarketShelves.com, Final Famine contains a collection of tips, tricks, and secrets to keep your family “fat and happy” no matter what happens next.

What will you learn in Final Famine? Is Final Famine legit? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Final Famine today in our review.

What is Final Famine?

Final Famine: How To Keep Your Family Fat and Happy While The World Starves is an eBook written by Teddy Daniels, a former police officer and retired member of the United States Army.

According to Teddy, China is preparing to attack the United States with an energy weapon in the near future. That weapon – called an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP – will disable electronics and communication across the United States immediately, causing widespread chaos and famine.

To make the famine worse, China has already purchased farmland across the United States, which will create further chaos in the days following the attack.

To help protect your family, Ted recommends Final Famine. In Final Famine, you’ll discover how to create your own “electroponics” home gardening system, how to defend your family, and how to prepare for the upcoming famine.

Final Famine is exclusively available online through EmptySupermarketShelves.com, where it’s priced at $67 and backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

Final Famine Benefits

Teddy Daniels has written Final Famine to help anyone protect themselves and their family from unexpected events – like the upcoming Chinese-caused famine expected to take place across the United States.

Some of the benefits of Final Famine include:

  • Step-by-step preparations you can take today to prepare for the Final Famine
  • How to easily build your own electroponics home gardening system – even if you have zero gardening experience and you’ve never built anything in your life
  • How to keep your family well-fed and family and avoid relying on the crumbling US food supply
  • Why a Chinese attack on the United States is imminent, according to Teddy’s intelligent sources
  • Digital eBook you can read on any device
  • Backed by 60 day moneyback guarantee

What Will You Learn in Final Famine?

Final Famine is a step-by-step survival guide you can use to prepare for any unexpected events – specifically, a famine caused by the Chinese government.

Teddy claims to have uncovered intelligence about a secret plot on the United States by the Chinese government. Teddy claims the Chinese government is planning to attack the United States’ electrical grid in the near future, causing widespread chaos and famine.

In fact, Teddy claims the attack could occur tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. It’s imminent, and Teddy claims the attack is virtually guaranteed to occur.

To make matters worse, the Chinese government has been secretly buying US farmland. Despite attempts to stop the Chinese government, they’re able to buy farmland through shell corporations. Teddy claims China will use its American farmland to worsen the crisis and famine.

Why is China Planning to Attack the United States and Cause a “Final Famine”?

The Final Famine eBook is based on a simple premise: China is planning to attack the United States with an EMP, causing widespread panic and famine.

Why is China planning to attack the United States? If the United States has received intelligence of an impending attack, then why isn’t the country doing anything about it? Is an attack really imminent?

Ted claims the Chinese attack on the United States is part of a gigantic plot by Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Chinese-American spies, sympathetic politicians, and the Chinese Communist Party itself.

Bill Gates, for example, is the largest landowner in the United States, currently owning around 270,000 acres of land across dozens of states. Ted believes Bill Gates’ ownership of productive farmland will play a role in the upcoming crisis.

At the same time, the Chinese government is buying – or attempting to buy – farmland across the United States. While the Chinese government can’t directly buy US land, they buy land through shell corporations. These corporations are registered to different countries but use Chinese money, and they trace their roots to the Chinese government.

To kickstart the Final Famine, the Chinese government will launch an EMP at some point in the future, destroying electronics across the United States and causing widespread chaos.

What is an EMP? Is China Really Planning to Attack the United States with an EMP to Cause a Famine?

Teddy claims to have recently uncovered intelligence showing China plans to bomb the United States with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon.

When detonated, an EMP weapon creates a pulse of energy capable of destroying all electronics equipment. That pulse of energy creates an electromagnetic field that short circuits all electronics within range, instantly disabling phones, computers, power plants, the electronics in planes, and all other electronics.

China wouldn’t need to launch multiple EMPs to destroy electronics across the United States. Instead, a single EMP could destroy most of the electronics in the country. According to the Washington State Department of Health, a 1.4 megaton bomb launched 250 miles above Kansas “would destroy most of the electronics that were not protected in the entire continental United States.”

As proof, the United States tested a 1.4 megaton nuclear bomb over Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean in 1962 at an altitude of 250 miles. That bomb disabled streetlights and fuses on Oahu and other Hawaiian Islands 800 miles away from the blast.

According to Teddy’s intelligence sources, China is planning to launch a similar attack on the United States in the near future.

Bill HR 7892 is Attempting to Reduce Chinese Influence

Why isn’t the United States doing anything about Chinese ambitions in the country? If the United States has intelligence suggesting an attack is imminent, then why isn’t America taking steps?

According to Teddy, America is trying to fight back by passing a bill called HR 7892. However, some American politicians, who Teddy believes are sympathetic to China (or compromised spies working for China) are fighting back against the bill.

Here’s how America is fighting back with bill HR 7892 and other legislation:

America is well-aware of rising Chinese influence. In an attempt to reduce Chinese influence in the United States, politicians have introduced a ball called HR 7892.

HR 7892 was presented in 2022 and has completed several hearings. The bill is still active.

Bill HR 7892 would prevent people linked to the Chinese government from buying agricultural land in the United States. Teddy claims agents of the Chinese government are buying land across America to make a future famine worse.

Despite the efforts of bill HR 7892, the Chinese government is still finding ways to buy land in the United States. They’re using shell corporations registered in different countries, for example, to secretly buy land.

Teddy also blames certain politicians for delaying bill HR 7892. He specifically dislikes Grace Meng, a congressperson from New York. Although Teddy stops short of calling Grace Meng a spy for the Chinese government, he claims Grace (who was born in the United States) has suspicious family ties to the Chinese government. Grace’s parents immigrated to the United States from the country of Taiwan.

Ultimately, parts of the US government are fighting back against Chinese influence with bills like HR 7892. However, the longer the bill gets delayed, the more time China has to buy land across the United States.

Topics Covered in Final Famine

A significant part of Final Famine covers an “electroponics” home gardening system you can build in a closet, in a backyard, or on your deck, among other small areas.

You can use this electroponics home gardening system to grow your own nutritious and delicious food at home without relying on the crumbling US food supply.

Here are some of the topics covered in Final Famine:

  • Step-by-step preparations you can take, starting today, to prepare for the Chinese EMP attack on the United States expected to occur in the near future.
  • How to create your own electroponics system to grow more food, faster, in any environment. You get a step-by-step guide to creating your own electroponics system at home. Anyone can build this system even with zero gardening experience – and even if you’ve never put anything together in your life.
  • 3 beloved foods that are about to become completely unaffordable for everyday Americans, which is why you should stock up and freeze those foods now before prices skyrocket.
  • Why all famines share one thing in common – and why knowing what this thing is can make you the leader of your neighborhood when things go sour.
  • Life-saving hydration you need in an emergency, and how you can secure an unlimited supply of water at home with just a bucket and a garden hose. You get a step-by-step tutorial explaining exactly how to make this safe water supply system.
  • How to keep your family fat and happy while the world starves, feeding them nutritious food to keep energy and morale high even as America crumbles around them.
  • Why following this guide today can prevent you and your family from waiting in government bread lines when crisis strikes – or fighting your neighbors for scraps of food.
  • How you can slash your food bill today, before disaster strikes, while also preparing for unexpected events.
  • How to survive a six month famine safely and happily. According to Ted Daniels, the US government is quietly preparing for the next famine to last six months, which is why you need to be prepared for a worst case scenario.
  • How to have unlimited, delicious, and nutritious food even while millions of Americans face an agonizing death due to starvation.
  • A defense system anyone can use to protect their family – even if they have no experience with firearms or weapons.
  • How to keep your food supply under the radar and prevent your assets, food, and money from being seized by hungry neighbors.

Arm yourself! Uncover survival strategies with Final Famine!

How to Build your Own Electroponics System for an Endless Supply of Food

A significant part of the Final Famine eBook is a step-by-step guide for building an electroponics system at home.

You can discover how to build your own electroponics gardening system to grow an endless supply of food in your backyard – even if you have zero gardening experience and aren’t handy at all.

According to Teddy, electronics gardening can help you:

  • Grow food faster than conventional gardening
  • Grow large amounts of food in small spaces – like closets
  • Grow food indoors or outdoors
  • Build your own gardening system in an apartment, home, condo, or anything else

What is “electroponics”? Can you really grow your own food at home regardless of how much space you have?

“Electroponics” is not a common term in the gardening space. In fact, Teddy appears to have invented the term himself – and that’s okay.

Instead, most people refer to electroponics as “electroculture gardening.” The gardening system uses electronics to spur plant growth. It’s based on studies showing some plants produce higher yields when stimulated with electricity.

One study published in Nature, for example, compared electrified pea plants and regular pea plants. Researchers found electrified pea seeds germinated faster and produced more peas than non-electrified pea plants.

Teddy’s electroponics system is based on a similar concept. You can run electricity to plants at home to stimulate growth and produce higher yields, helping you create an endless supply of food.

You don’t need any electrical experience, gardening skills, or previous construction experience to create your own electroponics system at home. Instead, all you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide in Final Famine.

Free Bonus eBook: The Red Dragon Report

As part of a 2023 promotion, Ted is bundling all Final Famine purchases with a free bonus eBook called The Red Dragon Report.

Ted isn’t a fan of China. He claims US politicians like Grace Meng are sympathetic to China, and that this sympathy is impacting the security of the United States.

In The Red Dragon Report, you can discover greater details about China’s plan to attack the United States, based on intelligence reports Ted claims to have received.

Some of the topics covered in The Red Dragon Report include:

All of the dirty details about China’s plan to attack the United States, including how an EMP works, when China will attack, and what to expect in the days immediately before and after the attack.

Why China will use an EMP to destroy America’s power grid, and why America’s power grid is particularly susceptible to an EMP attack.

The strange copper blanket you need to cover all your electronics with to protect yourself from China’s upcoming EMP attack.

Why China has been trying to buy farmland across the United States – and what China plans to do with this farmland.

The spy inside your bedroom – or how the Chinese government uses a simple home appliance to commit theft, bank fraud, and more.

The 1980s “radio” that will jam Chinese surveillance for good, preventing the Chinese government from spying on you.

Why China is planning to launch “concentration camps for Christians,” according to Ted Daniels, which is why it’s extra important to fight back against China today.

Why must you stop eating any food from Chinese restaurants immediately (Ted claims Chinese restaurants sell dog meat disguised as beef).

Overall, The Red Dragon Report is a complete breakdown of China’s plan to attack the United States. Ted explains how the attack will work, what to expect during the attack, and why the Chinese government is an evil empire that needs to be stopped.

Final Famine Pricing

Final Famine is priced at a one-time fee of $67. Your purchase includes Final Famine and the free bonus eBook, The Red Dragon Report. Shipping is free.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering online today:

Final Famine + The Red Dragon Report: $67

Ted claims he doesn’t care about money, and that he initially wanted to give away Final Famine for free. However, he charges the price above to cover the cost of hosting and keeping his website online – something that has become increasingly difficult after attacking the Chinese government and US government officials.

Ted and his team also deliberately created Final Famine as an eBook to make it easier to share. You do not receive a physical copy of Final Famine: you receive an eBook, or PDF. You can download the eBook to any device, print it off, and read it however you like.

The Final Famine checkout page has two additional upsell offers to help enhance your chances of survival. Those offers include:

Survival Seed Vault (+$39): Survival Seed Vault is a package of seeds you can use to start your own garden during any unexpected emergency. You get 100% heirloom seeds made in America. Plus, you can replant the seeds over and over again, giving you and your family a never-ending supply of nutritional sustenance. Whatever happens to America’s food supply, you can use the seeds in the Survival Seed Vault to stay healthy and active. Each Survival Seed Vault contains 20 varieties of fruits and vegetables packed in resealable mylar for long-term storage.

Final Famine Bug Out Bag (+$179): The Final Famine Bug Out Bag contains 60+ survival necessities you can use to survive unexpected events. You get 2400 calorie ration bars, emergency drinking water pouches, critical first aid essentials, a motion sensor-activated light (to detect intruders and protect your home), a commando saw, an instafire pouch, a folding camp stove, and other critical tools you can use to survive the days following an unexpected event – like a Chinese EMP attack on the United States.

Final Famine Refund Policy

Final Famine is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase with no questions asked if you’re unsatisfied for any reason after reading Final Famine.

Because Final Famine is an eBook, there’s no need to “return” anything to qualify for a refund. Just contact the company to receive your refund. Ted calls it his “never get hungry” moneyback guarantee.

About Ted Daniels

Ted Daniels is a former police officer and retired member of the United States Army. Teddy rose to prominence after bodycam footage appeared online of him fighting the Taliban in the hills of Afghanistan, bravely taking enemy fire to help his squad escape safely.

Today, Ted has launched a lineup of survival guides, emergency food supplies, and other products online.

Teddy claims to continue to maintain intelligence sources within the United States government and military, and those sources have warned him an attack on the country is imminent. This intelligence motivated Teddy to take action today to protect fellow Americans.

Teddy has registered his business under the name Famine Fighter. The corporation is registered in Delaware.

You can contact Famine Fighter and the Final Famine customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 1-844-842-9791
  • Email: support@finalfamine.com
  • Mailing Address: 4023 Kennett Pike Ste 50405, Wilmington, DE 19807

Final Word

Final Famine is an eBook featuring a collection of tips, tricks, and strategies you can use to lower your reliance on the US food system.

You can discover how to grow your own “electroponics” system at home for a never-ending supply of nutrition, for example, and how to protect your family from unexpected events during the upcoming “final famine” in the United States.

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