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Concern over Increased Shelling and Civilian Casualties in Nyala and Omdurman

The United States is deeply concerned by credible reports that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has intensified its shelling in and around Nyala, South Darfur and Karari, Omdurman, deepening the suffering of the Sudanese people.  The United States is aware of reports the RSF and Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) are fighting within the city of Nyala and that the RSF may have encircled the city in preparation for an assault, potentially depriving civilians of the ability to flee to safety.  We are also concerned by reports the RSF has shelled and blocked all access into the Hasahisa IDP camp in Central Darfur.

The United States calls on the RSF to immediately cease shelling of civilian neighborhoods and to protect civilians in Nyala, Omdurman, and throughout Sudan.  This reckless war, which began more than six months ago, has resulted in civilian deaths, the displacement of millions, and immense suffering that will affect generations of Sudanese.  Women and children are bearing the intolerable brunt of this conflict.  There is no acceptable military solution to this conflict – “victory” by either side would exact an intolerable toll on the Sudanese people and their nation.  The United States reiterates its call for the RSF and SAF to immediately stop the fighting and return to talks toward a negotiated exit from this conflict.

The United States reminds the RSF and SAF of their commitments under the May 11 Jeddah Declaration of Principles to Protect the Civilians of Sudan, including by allowing unhindered humanitarian access, protecting civilians and their human rights, and upholding international humanitarian law and international human rights law.  It is time for this conflict and the suffering of the Sudanese people to end.

Source : US Department of State