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Motorist Shoots Dead Two Environmental Protesters Blocking a Road

This is the shocking moment a motorist shot dead two environmental demonstrators at near point blank range after becoming enraged over their road blockade in Panama.

Harrowing images captured the shooter, a frustrated elderly man, climbing out of his car to argue with the eco-protesters who had stopped traffic on the Pan-American Highway in the town of Chame.

He initially attempted to reason with the protesters, but moments later pulled a handgun from his pocket and began gesturing wildly as his frustration grew. Despite the imminent danger, the protesters stubbornly refused to curtail their demonstration and continued to argue back and forth with the disgruntled motorist, who became visibly more enraged with each passing moment.

For a time it looked as though the gunman was prepared to back down, but when one protester holding a flag stepped towards him, he snapped the pistol back up and fired at his target from mere feet away. 

Terrified onlookers and other protesters helped move the victim to the side of the road and laid him down on the ground as the gunman calmly began dismantling a small barricade made of stones and tyres erected by the demonstrators. 

Still undeterred, another protester wearing a black t-shirt and jeans tried to confront the gunman and was also shot. Footage shows how he recoiled from the shot, holding his upper chest in pain and with an expression of disbelief on his face.

He is shown hobbling away to the side of the road as other protesters run for cover, before slumping to the ground.

Horrified friends of the victims rushed to their aid, with bystanders seen applying pressure to the wounds in an attempt to stem the blood loss – but neither victim survived their injuries. 

Police descended on the scene and promptly arrested the shooter, dragging him away in cuffs and bundling him into the back of a squad car.  

Source : Daily Mail