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Belize Sees an Increase of 17% in Cost of Vegetables

The cost of vegetables in Belize is experiencing a significant increase, particularly in fresh vegetables, with an overall inflation rate of 17%. The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) reported that the food category registered an inflation rate of 11.5%.

Notably, fresh vegetables, including cilantro, carrots, habaneros, and cauliflower, saw a 17% increase in prices. For instance, the price of cilantro rose from $8.90 per pound to $19.59, and tomatoes increased from $3.36 to $3.96 per pound. Cauliflower’s price per pound went from $4.12 to $5.08. The data from SIB also revealed a 17.6% increase in the prices of fresh fruits, including limes and grapes.

Guava’s price rose from $3.18 per pound to $4.70. The rising prices in vegetables and fruits contribute to an overall increase in the cost of living, impacting consumers’ budgets. Backyard gardening is suggested as a way for individuals to mitigate the rising costs by growing their vegetables, such as okra, Chaya, spinach, callaloo, sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, scallions, and tomatoes. This approach can offer a more cost-effective and sustainable solution for obtaining fresh produce amid the soaring market prices.

Source : Fresh Plaza